About Me

Last Updated: September 2022.

Hello friends, I'm Ray!

I was born in 2000. The next 16 years were somewhat of a blur because my family was very poor so we couldn't afford to do much or go anywhere. During that time, I focused on studying hard to get into the best school I could.

I was lucky enough to Cambridge in 2019. I graduated in 2022 with a Bachelors in Physics. Despite half of it being ruined because of COVID-19, it was incredible! I met so many wonderful people and engaged in many new communities (particularly Effective Altruism Cambridge) for the first time and got involved in many awesome projects (from interning for Ali Abdaal to managing the logistics for party for over 3,000 attendees).

After having graduated, I'm now focusing on improving world as much as possible. On my website, you can find what I'm working on and my thoughts on various things.

What I'm Working On Now

I'm currently founding a global nonprofit to find and support exceptional students from low-and-middle-income countries.

What I've Worked On Before

You can see most of this on my LinkedIn.

My Interests

  1. 💡 I'm super interested in Effective Altruism and am always trying to optimise my life to have an enormous positive impact.
  2. 🧠 I really like coming up with models to better understand the world and make decisions. I tend to find a lot of rationality-adjacent ideas interesting. If you'd like to learn more, I'd highly recommend reading Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality as a good introduction to rationality.
  3. ☁️ I love flying drones and want to become a professional FPV drone pilot. My favourite video on YouTube is Taking a Drone on a Honeymoon.

My Personality

  1. 📝 I'm very solutions-orientated and have a tendency to take on projects with the aim of fixing them, which leads to me stretching myself pretty thin.
  2. 🧠 I think and brainstorm out loud a lot and have a low-barrier for saying something which can lead me to say many somewhat irrelevant things.
  3. 💬 I can be more direct than most of the genera public (although, this depends on which country you're form.). Read about Ask and Guess Culture for more.

Get In Touch

The easiest way to get in touch with me is through my Instagram. I regularly check my DM's, but, if a message requires a long reply, I usually reply when commuting.